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Looking Glass Photography offers a range of beautiful albums to suit every purse. From simple, yet elegant standard coffee-table style books to industry leading Graphistudio art books and luxurious Queensbury traditional print albums.

Graphistudio art books (www.graphistudio.com)

Graphistudio are based in Italy and provide a diverse range of high quality wedding art books that come in many different sizes with various page finishes, covers and layout styles. Rather like high quality coffee-table books, the images are printed directly onto the pages. Graphistudio provide a lifetime guarantee on their ‘perfect’ binding and print the images on archival quality paper. The main advantages of these albums are:

  • The software provides many creative layouts and at Looking Glass Photography we enjoy working with our wedding couples to create a bespoke design that is unique and best suites their images
  • Once a primary album is designed, replicas or smaller parent and pocket albums are easy and quick to order and provide a relatively cost effective way of providing family and friends with beautifully presented wedding photos 

Please visit our ‘Packages & Prices’ section to view the packages which include a Graphistudio album and starting prices for parent and pocket book prices. Prices vary according to no. of pages, cover finish and page finish. For further information please email Melissa@looking-glass-photgraphy.co.uk 

Queensbury traditional albums and art books (www.queensberry.com)

Based in New Zealand, Queensbury produce luxurious, handmade albums. In addition to art books similar to those produced by Graphistudio, Queensbury also offer the ultimate in traditional albums involving the hand making of bespoke pages and mounts, printing and cutting to size photographs that are individually mounted onto the page. More recently there is also an option of a ‘Duo’ album that allows a combination of traditional mounted prints and more contemporary printed pages. Queensbury albums offer all the advantages of graphistudio albums outlined above, however, the extra ‘handmade’ processes and outstanding quality is reflected in the prices.

Please contact Melissa@looking-glass-photography.co.uk for latest pricing information.

Circa albums 

At Looking Glass Photography we are happy to pass on a 25% discount to our clients on Circa albums available at Selfridges. To see the latest range please visit www.circalondon.co.uk

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